party skirt tutorial!

I love skirts.  Especially for Sundays.  And I love all the fun styles out there- especially the cute high waisted ones with a bow.  I love the flirty look, the fun ways to dress it up, all of it.  I had this image for a cute skirt and a big bow rolling around in my head for awhile and I finally made it and am now kicking myself for not doing it earlier!  It was so easy and I LOVE how it turned out.  Would you like one?  So easy to make!

Ok so I'm not exactly sure what type of material I used, I think a linen blend of some sort.  I actually found this in the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby and after seeing it is when I decided to just make it already!  I bought 2ish yards.  To now how much you'll need, measure your waist.  Now take that number and double it.  That's how much you'll need!  Well, my remnant was slightly over 2 yards so I just left that extra length giving my skirt a little more poof.  Adjust as needed for the poof you want.  Now wash and dry it and then we're ready to rock!

Ok so the first step is to cut our main skirt piece.  I cut mine basically in half- 22 inches in length.
(and I serged my piece before cutting it but would recommend cutting it and then serging your edges)

So now serge both sides of your skirt.  This is not essential but will clean up your insides once your done.  And if you don't have a serger- zig zag your edges.

Now cut your waist band.  This is the measurement around your natural waist, where you want the band to sit.  Add about 3/4 inch to this measurement since you'll be turning your edges under at the seam for the zipper.  Now I wanted my waistband to be about 3 inches wide finished so I cut it 7 inches wide.  So at this point- you should have this:

Main skirt piece at least double the length of your waist piece.

So we're now going to make your waistband.  Fold in half and iron this crease in.

Now top stitch first at the very edge of your material on the crease.  Can you see that seam?  Then continue to sew seams about 2 inches apart to cover the entire band.  This should help so that once you wash and wear your skirt, your waist band won't fold and twist.  It should retain its shape well.

Now serge your edges (again to keep those seams clean) and this is what you should have:

Now we're going to ruffle the main skirt portion.  In case you haven't ruffled before, don't be scared away at this point.  Ruffling is super easy!  Lengthen your stitch to the longest length possible and loosen your tension.  Now sew a stitch- without backstitching!  Then carefully pull one thread to gather your stitch.  One tip that I've learned, when ruffling this long of a piece of material- break it up into 4 sections.  Start and stop at 4 different points so that the ruffling is easier and more manageable in small secitons.  You can see in the picture below the break between my ruffling seams.

Now attach your waistband to your skirt.  Place your right sides together like this:

Sew from one side to the other.  Now iron your seam flat.

This is also a great time to check for your ruffling stitch.  If a little shows through- no worries!  Just carefully unpick it.

Ok so now we sew in the invisible zipper.  There is a great tutorial to follow here so I didn't take any pictures.  And again- don't let this zipper scare you away!  I was scared of zippers but seriously they are so easy and open up a whole new world of possibilities.  Check out this tutorial and then come back.

So now that your zipper is sewn in and you've finished sewing your side or back seam, iron it open.

Almost done!  Hang in there.  You're doing great!  All we have left is to hem your skirt.  You can either double roll your hem or serge your edges and then hem under.  Either way- its a nice clean finish.

And when I sew my hem, I don't worry about ironing or pinning it.  I take the lazy way out but after I serge my edges, I just roll it and pull tightly as I sew it.  Either way you choose to do it, finish off that hem and try it on!  Your skirt is done.  You did it!

Now you can leave it here or stick with me a little longer and add that bow.  I made mine detached so that the skirt could be worn with or without it.  Just so that there's the option to mix it up as wanted.

But if you'd like to make the bow- lets get started!  Basically, you're going to cut yourself another waistband except leave it the length of the material- double plus some of your waistband measurement.  Did that make sense?  No.  Simplified:  Cut a piece of material 7 inches wide the length of the material.  Sew it right sides together to make a tube.  I wanted angled ends so I eyeballed the first end.  Then for the second end, I laid the other end on top to use as a guide.

Now snip your corners and unpick a small hole in one end of your sash (or just plan ahead and leave a gap!).  Turn it inside out and push your corners out.  Now iron carefully making sure to help it lay flat and your seam is straight.  Now just topstitch around the entire sash and voila!  You're done!

Now just dress it up however you'd like and ta-da!  You've got your own brand new, custom fit party skirt.

Now get out there and enjoy it!!

And please- if you have any questions at all about any part of this tutorial, email me!  And then email me too if you make one.  I'd love to see your new party skirt!!


Amanda said...

Wow, genevieve, you are AmAzInG! So talented, love it!



{amy k.} said...

this is so cute! if only i could sew well! i want one!!

Nic said...

I love this idea. I saw you mini version on Ucreate and was excited so see the link to you site for the grown up version (I have no girls, just a little boy) But for some reason none of the pictures will show up on the post. Am I the only one having this problem?

smyers said...

I am in LOVE with this skirt! I think I am going to try it tomorrow for a wedding I'm going to next week! Anyway linked it to my blog!!If mine is wearable I'll post pics!!Thanks for the tutorial

Amanda @paintitsewthrifty.blogspot.com said...

This is adorable! I am going to try this out! Love it! Thanks for posting.

Mayzie said...

I love the idea of doing matching mommy/daughter skirts! I am so going to try this out! Thanks for the tutorial!

Sarah Lou said...

So love this!! just perfect for our spring time to hit!!!

Tara said...

This is adorable!! I just discovered your blog and I'm so glad I did! I've always been afraid to sew things for myself but you make it look so easy! I'm on the lookout for fabric to make the perfect skirt!


Jake & Sarah Salmon said...

This is so cute! I can't wait to make one for me and my 7 month old daughter! Thanks!

Liz said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing! I will be linking you to my blog ziggycrafts.blogspot.com

homemade by jill said...

I made a skirt and love it! Thanks so much for the instructions. I posted a photo of mine on my blog today.

Nichole said...

this skirt is so cute! and i love your shoes! :)

Diana Smith said...

This is adorable! Im seriously considering making this!

Christina, Tyler & Logan said...

This is exactly what I needed. I have an auction and a wedding to attend in a couple of weeks and literally nothing to wear (can't shed the baby weight). I'm going to get started tomorrow! Thank you.

Jessica said...

So cute - I want one for me!!! I'm always sewing for my daugther so I'll give this one a try.

For those that have tried this do you think it would work with a light-weight courdory fabric? Just curious (and its what I have on-hand).
jessmusumarra (at) hotmail (dot) com

Crazystitcher said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this skirt! I made one for my teenage daughter yesterday. It was a hit! I think I will be making many more. Thank you for sharing!

Leslie said...

I absolutely HEART this skirt. Thanks for sharing I featured you on my blog! http://hobbied.blogspot.com

Océane said...

Wow ! This tutorial is super easy and the skirt is great ! I decided to make it shorter and choose a liberty fabric for the belt :)
Thank you so much !!!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

I am brand spanking new to sewing, but this looks like a project I *may* be able to tackle! SO cute and spring-y! P.S. LUV the shoes as well!! :)

Rachel said...

Adorable . . . thanks for sharing! I want to make one!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

ALi said...

Thanks for sharing this, I think I am really going to try. I would love a summer skirt like this.

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Cute Skirt!

Breanne said...

How long of a zipper did you use?

shelly said...

I love the skirt! I'm ready to embark on my own, purple version. I just need to find a good white shirt. Any suggestions on a nice, form-fitting shirt that's not super see-through? It seems to be a tall order to fill. Also, as another commenter asked: what size zipper did you use?

Jennifer Sharpe said...

I just made mine and I love It! Thanks so much for the tutorial! So much faster and easier than following a pattern. Can't wait to make my girls matching ones!

Andrea said...

Such a cute skirt! I made it and loved how it turned out.

misscourtney said...

You should sell these on easy!! My non-sewing self would buy five!

Katie said...

I found your blog and this post on pinterest! I love this, and can't wait to give this skirt a try! :) I'm your newest follower and hope you'll swing by Sew Woodsy!

Ana - Barcelona (España) said...

Just wanted to let you know that I made the skirt myself, with the same color fabric and that it turned out FANTASTIC. I love it.

I also linked you to my blog. I hope you don't mind.


EliseMaynor Photography said...

I made two skirts last night for my mother and m-i-l for my husband and I's vow renewal ceremony! I can't wait to see how horrible I did (it was my first sewing project EVER!). I'm hopeful! :D
I'll post pictures when they get them on!

Thanks so much for a great tute! ♥

Jen Conlon said...

Great tutorial! You've been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.

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Grab a brag button!

thewindhover said...

Such a wonderful tutorial! I just made myself one in a bold nani iro print :) I love it. Your blog is wonderful too xx


Tash said...

That is truly a gorgeous skirt! I love skirts... I am a skirt addict..I especially like to kind I can make myself!
I just came across your blog on Pinterest and so glad I did!!

Giordana said...

Amei! Vou fazer uma pra mim! Obrigada por compartilhar sua idéia!

Ariella Lola said...

hi! super cute skirt by the way. i am super new to sewing, and i'm a bit confused. where do we do the ruffling? at the very top? how far down from the edge? also, what step do we make the rectangle, not a rectangle? i keep reading the instructions over and over and i keep missing the part where we sew the two ends together to make the rectangle a cylinder. thanks!

Zafer GUNAY said...

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Jessica said...

I made this skirt (my own slightly different version!!)
I hope you don't mind me linking my blog, but I thought it would be nice to see another skirt :)

Valérie Vincent said...

Thanks very much for all those explanations! I did my skirt on saturday :)
Here it is: http://faisleavectesmains.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/ma-premiere-jupe.html

Thanks again !!!